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The World’s Biggest Skateboard Ramp



Are you good at sports and enjoy doing it during your leisure time? Many of us take part in different sports considering our fitness as well as our passion for it. During the period of childhood, most of the kids enjoy doing something challenging and out of the box. At that time, you are more inclined towards action sports so that you could exhibit your tricks well and show complete mastery. Such a sport is skateboarding where you carry a skateboard along with you and can ride on it. Skateboard not only allows you to use it for sporting activity but is a mode of transportation as well. You must have some knowledge about skateboarding and its history if you are into this sport completely. Let’s know more about skateboarding and the world’s biggest skateboard ramp.


When Was It Made?

The world’s biggest skateboard ramp is situated in Vista, California. It lies northwards of the San Diego city and surrounded by the mountains known for their beauty, San Marcos. This ramp was constructed and designed by Bob Burnquist, the skateboarder who competes at a professional level. It is also known as his dreamland and was made at the backyard of his house in 2006. It is one of those Mega Ramps that are formed on the farm side of the agricultural region.


History of The Biggest Skateboard Ramp:

Initially, in 1999, Bob Burnquist purchased a home and land in Vista, the United States. The purpose of buying this land was to construct an area for performing skateboarding since the front side of the house was ample enough to make it. Later, in 2005, Burnquist gained inspiration from a ramp in Aguanga. He then worked upon it and then bought seven more acres of land and widened up his backyard area, so that he could create this masterpiece.


Details of The World’s Biggest Skateboard Ramp:

This ramp was prepared to cost a lot of money. The total amount of money spent on this ramp was $280,000, and its making was funded by the sponsors as well as Burnquist himself. The length of this ramp is 360 feet, a great passage for the skateboarders to apply their tricks. The height of its peak is 75 feet which are supposed to be the initial point from where skateboarding begins. Speeds often rise drastically when the riders move down a 180 feet long passage. The gap covers an area of 70 feet, supported with a trapeze netting. This ramp provides a platform to the skaters where they can freely and safely practice skating, exhibiting the best of all their tricks. It gives a chance to the professional riders to raise their speeds up to 55 miles per hour and perform the greatest stunts of their lives. The quarter pipe area is having a length of about 30 feet.



The world’s biggest skateboard ramp in Vista-California approximately measures a height of an eight-storied building and its capacity in terms of length is even greater than a football ground. Burnquist has been performing amazing tricks on his Mega Ramp throughout, making it even more prestigious.

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