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The Different Types Of Skateboards

Origin of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is known worldwide as an extreme sport however, there aren’t many people who know the origin of skateboarding. Skateboarding was invented by surfers who needed the thrill of surfing, however, due to the off season had to therefore find other ways of seeking that thrill. Throughout the years, there are many different types of skateboards being produced, which cater to different types of skateboarders. Here are just a few.

Longboard Skateboards

A longboard skateboard is at least 33 inches long, with many different shapes. These longboard skateboards are perfect to travel short distances or just to cruise around, they are also great for beginners as they are very stable and provide a smooth ride even on bumpy surfaces. The wheel size allows the skateboarder to go as fast as they want and to take big turns at a rapid speed. Longboard skateboards also support many tricks and flips and are most commonly used for flat roads that go downhill.

Pintail Skateboards

Pintail Skateboards are long and are designed to have a streamlined shape which allows higher speed and stops the nose of the skateboard from touching the ground, which if it didn’t, could cause a lot of accidents. They are mainly used for cruising around and travelling from one location to the other and allow sharp turns to be made.

Twin Tip Skateboard

Twin Tip skateboards are symmetrical in the way that its nose and tail are of identical shapes. This design also stops the nose from touching the ground and gives the skateboarder tractions and grip when travelling downhill. This style of skateboard is also perfect for taking deep curves and cruising.

Carve Skateboards

Carve Skateboards have multifunctional front trucks that allow skateboarders to tilt and change the direction of the wheels, more so than any normal skateboard. This skateboard design is the most popular amongst surfers as they can easily mimic their surfing stance.

Double Kick Skateboards

A double kick skateboard is the best skateboards for doing tricks and flips as they are designed with two kicks located at the front and back end of the skateboard. These skateboards are mainly used for grinding, street skating, and park skating and even cruising around. However, they are not good for travelling long distances or going at a fast speed.

Cruiser Skateboards

Cruiser Skateboards, as their name suggests, are mainly used for cruising around and for travelling from one location to the other. These skateboards are comparatively shorter than other types of skateboards therefore are very easy to carry around. The shorter length also allows its user to make sharper turns, whether it is to turn into a tight space or to dodge obstacles.

Mini Cruiser Skateboards

Mini Cruiser Skateboards are a smaller version of the Cruiser Skateboard. They are manufactured using either wood or plastic. This style of a skateboard is very common amongst skateboarders as they are incredibly easy to carry around and provide good balance therefore; they are perfect for young novice skateboarders.


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