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The 6 Best Skateboarding Events

Skateboarding is finally getting the recognition it deserves. The increasing popularity of this sport in recent times has opened a gateway of many skateboarding competitions happening around the world.

It is a chance for skateboarders to show their skills, plus the competitive spirit and prizes always makes such competitions fun and interesting. This sport is used to show creativity, individuality and expression as there are so many tricks and techniques one can do that there is no limit.

While there are too many to list, here are the top six skateboarding events that happen around the world.

X Games

It has now been twenty five years since this competition was opened to people who are into alternative sports. This competition includes a collection of skateboarding, surfing, roller blading and many others. It happens in both summers and winters and provides a fun filled atmosphere with lots of stalls and booths.

Olympic Games 2020

Yes, skateboarding has made its way to the Olympics. It will take place in Tokyo this year and has both women and men categories. The skateboarding style is divided into two: street style and park and forty women and forty men will compete against each other. Every skateboarders dream has now been fulfilled since it has officially made its way to the Olympics.

The Dew Tour

This event is divided into three parts that happen over the year and includes various extreme sports including skateboarding. It also includes different music performances, meet and greets and the chance to ride the BMX fan course. This tour is action packed and provides a professional experience to skateboarders from all around.

For more information visit:

Street League Skateboarding

It is an indoor event. However, it is one of the largest ones. It has been running since the past ten years now. The skaters that take part in this are the most professional and can perform the most difficult and dangerous tricks. Its popularity keeps on growing every year and has become a fiercely competitive series to ever take place.

Here is a video of the best tricks ever in SLS:

Grind For Life Series

If you are already skateboarding, why not do it for a great cause such as fighting cancer? It is held in Tampa, Florida and this series aims to raise funds for cancer patients. The goal is to cover their expenses such as doctor fee, treatments and surgeries. It happens every year and is held by the Grind For Life Organisation.

Vans Park Series

This series is actually growing rapidly since the past four years. It has a terrain style theme and so contestants have to skateboard across changes in elevation, pines, escalators, set back walls and various surfaces. It is a rigorous series and has gained lots of traction ever since it was first founded. The series has gained attention from the media and now a lot of skateboarders take part in it to show off their skill set.

These are just the six best events happening recently, apart from these there are hundreds of competitions and skateboarding events happening on all corners of the world. 

Tampa Pro

This is a skate park event held every year in a small Skate House in Tampa Florida. In 2020 Nyjah Houston won the event. In order to make sure that the event is not too boring, the course is changed every year. Check out the 2020 Finals:

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