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Skateboarding Experience In Paradise (Barcelona)


Barcelona is considered a paradise for skateboarders, people from all over the world travel to Barcelona to experience its skater culture. Barcelona is often referred to as Europe’s skating capital due to its rich skater culture. Here I will give you an overview of what the skateboarding experience is like in this iconic city of Barcelona.

Barcelona and Skateboarding

Barcelona is a beautiful city that is filled with friendly and great people. This city seems like it’s specifically designed for skateboarders. Their City Centre is filled with many skate shops. There are even bars and hostels that are skater-themed showing the huge influence this culture has on its City.The locals tend to use skateboarding as a means of transport as well. Compared to other cities, the police are much more relaxed regarding skateboarding. You end up meeting so many people who love to skateboard. You can find different local spots and parks where most like-minded skaters are. Barcelona happens to be the best city to practice your skateboarding skills. The main reason for this is that it’s filled with like-minded individuals. You can befriend and learn from them and even teach them some techniques and tricks that you know. People of Barcelona have come together and bonded over the love of skateboarding, turning Barcelona into a haven for skateboarders. Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) is a very famous spot for skaters. The MACBA is always full of skaters who are there every day to practice, ride and just have fun. If you want to have a fun experience, you should visit MACBA during its busiest days (Tuesdays and Sundays) so it’s filled with all kinds of skateboarders. There is a skate bar called Nevermind situated a few minutes from MACBA. To have the full skater experience, you must visit the bar as it has skateboards in the form of furniture and skateboarding videos playing on screens. In Barcelona, you get to experience the true skate culture.

Private Skateboarding Tour

From beginners to advanced skateboarders, many opt for private skateboarding tours to find the best local spots or hangouts to have the perfect skater experience.These tours are usually given by a single skateboarder, usually a professional, who shows you around. They even help you learn how to skateboard if you don’t know how to or aren’t good at it. Since these are locals, they can suggest you the best spots, activities, and places to try and experience. They tend to supervise you and also make sure you have a fun-filled rich experience.


The skateboarding experience is truly tremendous as you get to have a lovely time and learn some cool new tips and tricks. The skateboarding experience is full of art, culture, the history of Barcelona and many fun experiences and activities. This is an experience for everyone, so you don’t have to be a pro to want to experience the skater culture. It is a unique and fun experience that you should go for, especially if you’re into skateboarding.

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