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How to maintain your skateboard

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To make anything last, you need to take care of it. In this fast consumer economy, things are not made to last long and so it becomes the responsibility of the person who has purchased the item to get the most out of it.

You need to properly maintain your skateboard so in the long run, it is easy for you to use. Maintaining the same skateboard will also ensure comfort and a smooth ride.

Caring for a skateboard is actually not that difficult. They are low maintenance you just need to know a few tips and tricks to help you get started and you can easily maintain it.

Top five tips to maintain your skateboard

1: Store indoors

Other than when you are using it, don’t keep your board outside. Weather will affect the quality of your board. If it rains then your wooden skateboard will become damp and this will cause you to have an uncomfortable riding experience.

If you live in an area where it gets humid, then your skateboard will get affected by the moisture. Dust also keeps on accumulating and to clean it, you will have to break up all the different parts of the skateboard and then clean them, such as wheels.

This is why your best bet is to store your skateboard indoors to protect it from external factors.

2: Truck adjustment

Just like the steering of a vehicle helps it to move in different directions, the truck of the skateboard helps in controlling and navigating the board. To take care of your trucks, you need to adjust it according to your riding preferences.

Make sure you don’t make the truck too loose and keep the front and back in consistency with each other, or else your skateboard might be a little unbalanced to properly ride.

3: Care for your deck

Your deck is what you get the most use out of; it helps you in flipping and doing tricks. However, it can easily get damaged if it comes in contact with various surfaces regularly.

If your deck has any splinters on it, make sure to cut them and then sand the wood downwards, towards the left side. After that just use a tape so the excess wood does not come in contact with your foot or hurts you while riding.

4: Give the bearings a cleaning 

If your wheels are not spinning properly or have become harder to spin, then you need to give the bearings a good clean. You can do this by cleaning and then lubricating the wheels so they can spin freely and you don’t have to work harder to ride the skateboard.

5: Replace parts when needed

After a while, you will have to replace some parts as wear and tear can damage them. Know when it’s time to replace a part and do it as safety should not be compromised and bad parts can be a hazard.

Caring for a skateboard is easy and you don’t need to do much, these tips will go a long way in maintaining your skateboard for a good amount of time.

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