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How To Become A Pro At Different Styles Of Skateboarding




When it comes to skateboarding, there are various styles that you can opt for. If you have a passion for skateboarding, it won't be hard for you to be a pro at the different skateboarding styles. Here I will tell you how to master different styles like a pro.


This is known as the oldest form of skateboarding. It involves a more free form of skateboarding where a person can add skateboarding tricks, skate wherever and however they want. To become a pro at freestyle skateboarding, you must practice daily by taking your skateboard for a spin. Learn how to do basic moves and tricks before you go for the harder or complex ones. Take your time with mastering the basics and soon you’ll be able to freestyle like a pro. You can take part in free-styling competitions and events to learn better by watching other freestylers and their techniques.

Vert Style

Vertical skateboarding, referred to as vert is another form of skateboarding. It involves riding on inclines and transitioning from a horizontal surface like the ground to a vertically inclined surface like a ramp. Skateboarders who prefer the vert style usually opt for a skateboard with wheels at least 55mm in size and a wide deck. This adds more stability, which helps you perform better. You should start with smaller heights and ramps to get the hang of it before shifting to bigger ones. You can find half-pipe ramps and practice. You can start performing tricks and learn new techniques and you’d be great at vert skateboarding in no time.

Street Style

Street skateboarding involves being in public places, parks, etc. You use objects like rails, stairs, benches, furniture or other objects on the street to skate. To be a pro at this, you need to make sure your skateboard deck is narrow so it’s easier to flip, grind and move around. Once you get the hang of skateboarding over, on and around these street obstacles, you can learn more tricks and eventually become a professional at it.


This type of skateboarding doesn’t involve tricks or stunts and is focused on skateboarders moving through urban areas as fast as possible. It is similar to downhill skateboarding where the skateboarders don’t stop. To become a professional at this you must choose the skateboard which is best for cruising, typically a longboard. Since you’d be going fast it is essential you initially practice staying on the skateboard for a longer time than going fast. Once you’ve gotten a firm grip on this, you can increase the speed.

The best way to become a professional at skateboarding is by watching other skateboarders perform different tricks and styles with various techniques. You can learn a lot from watching them in real life and videos. Participate in competitions and events specific to the style you want to be a pro at and practice as much as possible. Always remember to wear protective gear, start small and keep the extreme ambition at bay when learning.

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