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5 Coolest Skateboarding Designs To Go For

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Skateboarding is an interesting sport that involves immense expression. A skateboarder forms a connection to his board. The skater culture encourages art in the form of expression and these skateboarders love to decorate their skateboards with the artwork. It is creativity and freethinking at its best. These are the five coolest designs you can use to design your skateboard.

Character Art

If you love a character, this is a great way to express your artistic side. It can be a character from a comic, video game, anime, show, movie, book, cartoon, etc. It can be a superhero, a villain or even a cartoon. It can be any specific scene that you love of the character. You can even customize the characters’ scenes to your liking. The illustration on your skateboard will represent a big part of you and your support for the character.  

Abstract Art

Abstract art is mesmerizing as it encompasses so many shapes, lines, colors, etc. There are so many various styles and designs to choose from. You can make it as colorful as you want. It can even be one simple color or design if you prefer keeping things simple and minimalistic. Abstract art can be anything you want as it’s a form of non-objective and non-representational art.

Vintage Art

If you’re into some old school art, you should definitely go for vintage style art. It would show your retro style through your skateboard. You can browse and choose from multiple options that represent old school skate art. You could even add a Sepia tone to it making it look antique and vintage.

Graphic Design Art

This can make your skateboard look edgier as graphic design art is a brilliant way of making your skateboard look unique. The art you choose would depict a purpose as it’s a way for you to visually communicate. It is aesthetically pleasing and dynamic. You can even add some words or a phrase to your skateboard. These can have a significant meaning attached or just be quotes or phrases you like.

Personalized Art

If you enjoy designing your own things completely, you can even go for personalized art. You can add stickers or paint on your skateboard. Some people choose to personalize is by doing graffiti on their skateboard. If you enjoy looking at galaxies, stars, and planets, you can even choose to have a nebula or a starry night design for your skateboard.  

A skateboarder views his skateboard as a personalized canvas. The skate culture encourages free thinking and expression. Your skateboard can reflect a side of you or your whole personality and vibe. Since art is a form of expression, you can choose to have anything on your skateboard. It can be a form of contemporary art or culture. It can be simple or bursting with art and color. You can choose to design your skateboard in one of the ways mentioned above and turn heads with some mesmerizing artwork on your skateboard.

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